Living Healthy Lives By Choice

How to live healthy and disease free for the rest of your life. Do you think that is pipe dream? If you think it is not possible, then you have already defeat your purpose. However, if you think it is possible, then I want to categorically tell you that it is can happen, and it is happening.

I am going to tell you and show you how to make it happen for you, as it is for me and many others.

Listen to me carefully, we are healthy by design and sick by default!

Living a healthy life is a matter of choice we make every day by the things we do, the food we eat and drink, and overall life we live. I am going to show you how to live a dynamic, vibrant healthy life. How to live your full life and never get sick, and how do do all this without drugs or surgery.

How to look like you have found the secret of the fountain of youth.

Let me ask you this all important question,

Why Are We Sick?
If we don’t know the cause of something, it almost impossible to fix it. So, we have t0 first explore what is making us so sick, and I am sure some of the reasons that are making us sick might surprise you.

To put it at the very basic and say, there are only two reasons why a person become ill.

You “catch” something, meaning, your body picks up a germ, generally a bacteria or a virus.
Your body develop an illness or a disease. That will happen because something has gone wrong in your systems, causing some imbalance.
Something is not working as it should, and a disease or an illness develop. Examples are, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, etc.
Remember that our focus is living healthy, so now, let’s dig a little deeper in these two causes of all illnesses and diseases. And I’ll start with the first cause of catching something.

We said before that is either a bacteria or a germ causing the problem. But look at this fact, the atmosphere is filled with these small and most times invisible creatures. Have you ever ask why some people in the same environment where others who pick up the germ and they are fine!

Don’t tell me everyone is made up differently, and you will soon understand why this argument cannot stands the test of a day.

I said earlier that we are healthy by design, meaning, our bodies are designed to fight off those bacteria and germs that are bombarding us every day.

That inbuilt apparatus is called the Immune System which has two fundamental functions which are vital to the survival of the person.

The Immune System is for identification of all types of micro-organisms and foreign bodies that are potentially dangerous to the individual.
The Immune System is also for destruction of these micro-organisms, substances or foreign bodies.
Our Immune System can be weakened from a variety of ways, and these are some of the most common:
A. Under or malnourishment which is a lack of essential nutrients like vitamins and some trace elements.

B. Stress, can either be physical or psychological. Obesity can be a cause.

C. Chemotherapy which comes in the form of anti-cancer medication

D. Infectious diseases come from “catching” something

E. Dieting includes the foods that contribute in special ways to the correct functioning of the complex Immune


F. AIDS: Is the Immune System deficiency caused by a viral attacks on your body’s defense mechanisms.

Let me remind you of the two reasons why people get sick:

You catch something and your body cannot fight it off, as a result your body give in to the germs.
Your body develops something in the genetically weak areas.
In both of the above cases the causes are the same.
A. Your Immune System is weak
B. Toxins are attacking your body

When we consider those two fundamental causes for illnesses, we can conclude that all sicknesses come from one or a combination of four things. This is what Kevin Trudeau in one of his books called: “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” said about why we get sick.
These are the four basic reasons Kevin give for all sicknesses:

People get sick because they have too many toxins in their bodies
We are suffering from nutritional deficiencies, meaning our cells are not getting enough nutrients in their proper proportions.
We are exposed to and negatively affected by Electromagnetic Chaos (EMC).
You have trapped mental and emotional stress
According to Kevin, these are the only four reasons why our Immune System could be weak or why genetically weak areas in the body can break down, and thus allowing illness and diseases to develop.
Although Kevin said these are the only reasons for all illnesses, I would like to add one more reason why we get sick.

Because I want to establish this fact, or I should say this TRUTH!!

We as living creatures called human beings are different from all other living things. Only human beings are created in the image and likeness of Elohim.

As a result, only human beings are created in His image and likeness, meaning, just like how Elohim exist in three formalities as Father, Son and Holy Ghost, we also exist in three dimensions as body soul and spirit.

To state it correctly, we are first and foremost spirit, with a soul in a body.

As a result of this enlightened truth, we can also get sick from a spiritual perspective. The medical experts call this psychosomatic illnesses

Psycho in psychosomatic comes from the root word psychic, and mean among other things, the supernatural or spiritual.

There are researches surrounding psychosomatic illnesses which seems to provide sufficient scientific evidence that the mind or the intangible part of a person, or a person’s beliefs and thoughts, have the ability to cause physical changes in the body.

If we are going to be Living Healthy lives, holistic healthy lives, then all three areas on man’s existence must be covered. Complete health is in spirit, soul and body.

Therefore I will say people are sick because of these five reasons

We allow too many toxins in our bodies for too long
We are not eating properly balanced meals resulting us suffering from nutritional deficiencies,
We are exposed to and negatively affected by electromagnetic chaos (emc).
We do not properly manage mental and emotional stress
We ignore the Spirit-man that is more real than the physical man
There are things we can, and other things we cannot control. Therefore, the only way to manage those uncontrollable things, is to ensure the cells of our body are vibrantly healthy and strong to function as they should.
One such things we cannot control is electromagnetic fields to which we are all exposed.

What is electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is a scientific word in physics used to describe one of the fundamental forces of nature. This force is between subatomic particles such as protons and electrons. You have to have a basic knowledge of physic to appreciate these terms.

Electromagnetism helps to hold matter together. It is also used to describe how a magnetic field is created by the flowing of electric current.

Our body has electromagnetic fields and communication systems. Electromagnetic chaos come about when wireless devices like the laptops, computers, televisions and cell phones are used too frequently. And even more dangerous when we sleep with them in the bedroom.

The resulting distortion creates chaos within the body’s electromagnetic fields and communication systems. This causes physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Electromagnetic chaos is a negatively powerful force and causes disease.

When we are able to reduce, eliminate, or neutralize these powerful negative frequencies, then we can reverse the negative reactions, resulting in the “curing” of symptoms and disease.

Living Healthy Through Balanced Diet

There are areas where we have complete control. For example, in the area of nutrition to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

People suffer unnecessarily because they do not eat the right way.

The proper way to ensure you are eating a balanced diet, is to include portions in your meals every day.

The portions should be considered in colors. So, in your daily eating, make sure you consume 50% green, 35% yellow, and 15% red. In so doing, you are covering all the basic nutritional needs of your cells.

Eating like this is the natural way to live healthy life and cancel the imposition of nutritional deficiency diseases.

In other words, we will not suffer from those noncommunicable diseases (NCD), that most people develop from improper or unhealthy eating habits.

For example, we will not suffer from the disease they call cancer. If we are to reveal the truth, cancer is not a disease, but rather a nutritional deficiency.

“According to Pharmaceutical Research, 95% of the causes of cancer are rooted in our lifestyle; our habits and rituals. The result of what we eat and don’t eat. Only 5% of all cancers have a genetic link in their etiology, (causes of cancer)”.

The naked truth is, there is no disease called cancer. Cancer is a tumor- like growth that occurs as a result of a nutritional deficiency of vitamin B17.

Most doctors won’t tell you this, but take it from me, only your body can cure itself!

There are certain things you can do to help your body heal itself better, or cure itself of illness, sickness and diseases.

I stated earlier one of the fundamental reason you are sick is because of too much toxins in your body. What that comes down to are six areas that have direct relations to toxicity in your body.

These six areas are:

1. Exercise

2. Rest

3. What goes in your body

4. What comes out of your body

5. Your thoughts

6. Words you speak

Did you know that when you are toxic your body becomes highly acidic? Good health mean your body pH should be alkaline. When your body pH is acidic, you are vulnerable to illness and disease.

If your body pH remains alkaline, you virtually cannot get sick!

Every single individual who is diagnosed with cancer, has a pH that is too acidic.

One man said it all in this way – “If man made it, don’t eat it.” Put another way, eat only what comes from the plant, and not what come out of a plant.

There is so much that could be said here about genetical modification by man of virtually all fruits and vegetables to make them more disease resistant.

And even worse than that, how farmers have to produce more per acre in order to make more profit, by using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. So when you eat a piece of that fruit or vegetable, it is loaded with toxic chemicals.

The bottom line is this, if you are going to be living healthy life and experience vibrancy and high energy, you must clean the accumulated toxins from your body.

Live Good Health By Eliminating Toxic Built-up

It is important to know that from a baby, you have been flooding your body with toxins.

These toxins and poisons included everything form vaccines, prescription and nonprescription drugs, from the air we breath, the water we drink, swim and shower in, and all the chemical from the food we eat.

You should learn about getting a full-body fat/lymphatic detox once per year. And in between that, do a complete colon cleanse, do a heavy metal cleans, do a liver/gallbladder cleanse, do a parasite cleanse, and a candida cleanse.

Other Measures to Good Health

You should drink eight full glasses of purified water every day. You need to drink more water, and the water must be pure. Water is necessary not only for flushing and nourishing your cells, but also for keeping them hydrated and pH balanced.

It is recommended that if you are going to be living healthy life, you should use a rebounder (mini trampoline) for at lease ten minutes a day.

By simply using this device on a daily basis, can provide more health benefits for your cells than almost any other form of exercise.

A rebounder stimulates every single cell in your body simultaneously.

It also stimulates the immune system and is amazingly effective in cleansing toxins out of the cells. The rebounder is said to be the most incredible exercise device made by man.

If you are going to be living a healthy life, you must stop putting toxins in your body!

If you stop doing the things that are causing your symptoms and disease, then you have in effect “cured” yourself.

Most medical practitioners won’t tell you this, because their interest is to have you coming back to them as often as possible to sell you more drugs to suppress the symptoms.

So, in concluding this article on living a healthy lifestyle, let me summarize:

The best way to get rid of any and all illness and disease that you may be suffering from, and prevent them from recurring. Also to slow down or potentially reverse the aging process is to do the following:

Get rid of all the toxins that have built up in your system.
Stop, or at least reduce the toxins entering your body. It is almost impossible to totally prevent toxins from entering our bodies, but we can drastically reduce the amount.
We must ensure our elimination systems are clean and not sluggish. That will make the toxins we put in and those develop in our body naturally are getting out freely and quickly.
We are to make sure we are getting adequate amounts of nutrition in the various forms such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-factors, and life-sustaining “energy”.
Make an effort to reduce or neutralize the electromagnetic energy attacking our body’s energy fields and cells.
Do everything to reduce stress
Understand that our mind, and thoughts and words can create a healthy alkaline body pH, and actually change the way out body genetically defective DNA structures into normal healthy DNA structures.
Remember, living good healthy is our responsibility.
The choices we make every day determine the quality of our health.

It is Adrian T Brown here your health enthusiast with a profound question for you: Why People Sick?. You may or may not be responsible for your present health status.

One thing is for sure, you can do something about it. What you think,

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Healthy Eating Tips Aimed At Children

If you stay on top of the news, you probably already know that obesity is the number one health problem and type II diabetes is becoming epidemic among US children. Yet, many parents are baffled at how to get their children to eat more healthy foods. Getting children to eat healthy isn’t as complicated as it first appears. By following a few healthy eating tips for several months to a year, children will begin to prefer healthy food choices, because that’s what the body craves, anyway. The tips include healthy choices, variety, color, avoiding junk food and…very important, do-it-yourself instructions.

Make Healthy Food Choices: Controlling food choices is essential for children to begin eating healthy. Food choices don’t have to be controlled in the home if they are controlled at the supermarket, cafeteria and restaurant. If only this tip were used, children would be far healthier than they are today. If it doesn’t get into the basket, it doesn’t come home. If it doesn’t come home, it can’t be eaten there. Simply by choosing low fat, non fat, sugar free, and fresh, unprocessed foods, you can deal a death blow to obesity. “But my son won’t drink diet soda.” Fine, there’s the water faucet! Which one of you is responsible for his health? “But my daughter’s school serves processed food meals for lunch.” Give her no lunch money…Send her with a bag lunch…if they insist she eat their lunch, find a more flexible school or one that serves only healthy food choices. You can always make ice cream or cake an occasional treat, but if someone is loading your child up every day on sugars, fats and salts, they are literally poisoning and addicting the child to things that will destroy their health.

One 4-year-old I knew naturally preferred vegetables over everything else. Her mother forced her to eat pork chops like mine forced me to eat spinach. If your child naturally prefers things that are healthy, don’t fight it. You can find creative ways to add foods like soy beans, nuts and beans that are high in proteins. Don’t fight success! Don’t accept failure, either. Another family I knew had the mother scurrying to meet every tiny food preference the children had. It turned out that the only thing all of them liked was pizza, beef (especially hamburgers), cheese, corn and ice cream. Needless to say, the whole family struggles with weight issues. The tip of making healthy food choices is only successful if you use the discipline to make those healthy choices consistently. Skipping back and forth can’t be an option if your aim is to teach your children to make healthy food choices.

Use Variety In Texture, Flavor And Color: One of the most helpful tips in aiming kids toward healthy foods is to use a variety. Young children are attracted to bright primary colors, which is one of the reasons yellow corn is popular. I didn’t like salad as a kid, but it was always the same…iceberg lettuce and tomatoes…on Thanksgiving we got croutons. There are so many beautiful colors and interesting flavors in the vegetable section, there is no reason to use one boring recipe over and over. Fruits are naturally colorful, full of many nutrients and unprocessed sugar. Fresh fruits are excellent snack and dessert substitutes. Many ideas for variety and color of snacks are in my article Making Healthy Snack Choices which is too long to duplicate here. Please…if you want kids to like vegetables, don’t use those mushy canned ones…they have no nutrients and are the most unpleasant things for a kid to eat. Almost everything in cans is also available frozen and is simple to cook, using a microwave. Use pepper, garlic powder, ground dill or basil for added flavor with no salt. Also, use variety in preparation methods by going from stir-fry, to baked, to BBQ, etc. The very changes in texture, color and flavor of foods gives kids an appreciation for the natural flavors of healthy foods.

Eating Healthy Saves Time And Money: Many people have the misconception that eating healthy is expensive and takes a lot of time. In my personal experience doing both, preparing healthy foods is no more time-consuming than preparing unhealthy foods. In fact, most recipes are faster and easier to prepare, and there’s no driving or waiting in line for the prepared foods. Time is just an excuse! As far as cost goes, well, there’s a huge difference. Eating healthy is far less expensive. The average family could save at least 75% of their food budget if they switched to fresh meats, fruits and vegetables and eliminated the prepared snacks and meals. Anyone can do this and improve the health practices of their children. All it takes is the decision to change and the discipline to stick to it.

Do It Yourself-Avoiding Junk Food: You may have noticed I talk a lot about preparing this and cooking that. That’s because one of the healthy eating practices every child should learn is the practice of doing it yourself. By doing the cooking yourself, you set the example that it can be done…you don’t have to bring your meal home already cooked from the store or restaurant. Doing it yourself puts you in charge of the amount of salt, fat, carbohydrates and proteins in your foods. It’s much healthier! Also, one of the things that makes food interesting is cooking it. If your kids get to take part in the preparation, they have a vested interest in eating the foods. You can’t do that with dinner-in-a-box.

When we talk about using “do-it-yourself” to aim your kids toward eating healthy, there is one tip that outweighs all others. If you want your kids to eat healthy, do it yourself. You can’t eat ice cream and tell them it’s only for grown-ups. While puffing on a cigarette, my Dad told us never to smoke “It’s a filthy habit.” I’ll bet you know how that turned out…four out of five of his children smoked. If you want your kids to eat healthy, set the example by eating healthy, yourself.

Of course, where kids are concerned, there is no guarantee, but the vast majority of children will eat healthy if their parents make healthy food choices, use variety, plan and prepare the meals, and provide a healthy eating example in their choices. The bottom line in most cases, childhood obesity isn’t an epidemic… it’s a choice. Choose health!

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